If You Notice These 17 Signs, Be Sure He Wants To Be Your Boyfriend

You have been friends with him for quite some time but recently you have started to notice a subtle change in his behaviour and body language; how do you ensure that he has started to develop some feelings for you? Is there some gauge to do so? Certainly not. Or perhaps, he always wanted to be in a relationship with you but you took a safe road of choosing to become friends first and then taking your relationship to the next level as time goes by. Well, that is for you to decide.¬†Whatever the case may be, there are certain signs that can point towards a relationship’s success chances and tell you who’s at fault. If you are still sailing in the dilemma boat and are unable to read his mind, here’s a checklist for you, and can be used to confirm whether your GUY FRIEND wants to become your Boyfriend.

1. His body language reveals his feelings.

2. He showers you with compliments.

3. He wants to know more and more about you.

4. He listens to you patiently.

5. He prefers spending time with you alone.

6. He has probably become good friends with your close friends.

7. He does things that guys don’t normally do.

8. He finds excuses to touch you or caress you subtly.

9. He makes time for you.

10. He gets jealous when you talk about your ex or other boys.

11. He is protective about you.

12. He remembers the tiniest details about you.

13. He texts you regularly and replies to you every time.

14. He treats you like a queen.

15. He loves your company.

16. He confides in you and doesn’t hesitate in sharing his feelings and future plans with you.

17. He never accepts or admits to any of his previous crushes.