Hilarious Compilation Of Dads’ Finding Out In The Delivery Room That The Baby Is Not Theirs

You would never want to be in a situation like this – Cheat on your husband, accidentally get pregnant, and then pretend like the baby is your husband’s, you go into labor, and deliver a baby that doesn’t look anything like your husband, but looks similar to your next door neighbor. Unfortunately, according to nurses on Reddit, this happens far more often than you would imagine. Read these hilarious, and heartbreaking stories of the moment a father realizes the child isn’t his.

Maternity Test.

Happens All the Time.

Never Came Back.

Doesn’t Add Up.

Who is the father?

Scared Momma.


Not a Coincidence.

Extra Drama.

Not as Bad as You Think.

Who Knows!

Young Fathers.

30 Years Too Late.

Dark skinned parents and a white baby!