Can You Spot Little Donald Trump In This Picture? I bet You Can’t!

We have had a hundred trolls on Donald Trump or even real jokes about Donald Trump’s life, much of them have raided the Internet like a wallpaper and are still standing there giving people a good laff. Donald Trump, the millionaire who is also known for being a sexist, was a definite keeper as a kid. How can we say that?Well, we’ve got the perfect pictures to show you how cute he used to look when small. And we bet you will be surprised to see him as we are. Images via cnn.

What a cutie, we almost forgot the hateful bigot. 

Oh, wait! He was hot too.  

The man in a uniform. 

The player. 

A soccer player. 

A proficient cadet.

He was there on the wall of fame. 

Marching with pride. 

While in the drive ed. class. 

And it’s baseball now.

Sports staff.

He was a ladies man. 

Family photo.

This is a much earlier picture of his siblings. 

The school gang. 

Baby Trump is definitely cute.  

Graduation day.  

Have we mentioned, he was into sports?